Adults looking for a body transformation require a very unique and specific fitness and nutrition approach that complements their busy lifestyle. That’s exactly what we do at the Kettlebell Club.

We designed a SAFE, FUN, PROGRESSIVE and CHALLENGING program so that ladies and gentlemen can become lean and strong!

Learn Kettlebell and Bodyweight training properly for sustainable and long-term results. Get clear on Simple Nutrition Habits you can implement into your lifestyle without “dieting” for fat-loss.

What’s Included?

1️⃣ Access to 3 Group Fitness Sessions per week – guided by personal trainers. Our sessions are 55min and are shown in studies to burn 9x more fat than regular gym workouts.

2️⃣ A SIMPLE nutrition program – that’s convenient & realistic. No crazy diets!

3️⃣ Social Support & Accountability from a personal coach and a Community group with like-minded women.

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