We are not in the business of packing classes just to make a buck.  You will never feel lost or like just another sheep in the herd! AND there are no drill sergeants here trying to break you down. We support you and build you up!

We actually CARE! We know your name and we know exactly where you are at. Our Rebels get a personalized experience in a small group setting. This allows us to maintain a high level of safety and coaching resulting in faster progress while you stay  injury free.

Our classes are designed to help you become more resilient overall, with a combination of flexibility, mobility, strength and conditioning work designed for maximum fat loss while keeping your heart and joints healthy.



Looking to enhance your small group classes with more intimate coaching? Maybe you already practice kettlebell training but need some help with technique?

You can choose either a 1 on 1 option. OR, because we believe personal training should be made accessible to everyone we offer a more cost effective alternative as well. Our semi-private option allows for a small group of up to 3 Rebels.

Add 1 or 2 of these sessions to your group classes and see even more dramatic results!



Any reputable coach understands that every individual coming into a fitness program is not the same. Many people can not perform certain movements/exercises safely and it can be problematic resulting in injury. This is what ends up happening in most group fitness classes because no one is assessing! You know the saying…If you aren’t assessing you are guessing! We take things very seriously, no guesswork here!

The1 on 1 Personalized Assessment is one of our secret tools. It helps us determine what are your specific needs and what exercises you need to be doing in order to fix any issues.

It includes:

  • 60-minutes
  • 1-on-1 with a Strength and Movement Expert
  • Movement Assessment to address imbalances
  • Exercise Fundamentals Safety and Technique
  • Personalized Workout and Takeaway Program
  • Goal Setting and Nutrition Consultation


Adults looking for a body transformation require a very unique and specific fitness and nutrition approach that complements their busy lifestyle. That’s exactly what we do at the Kettlebell Club.

We designed a SAFE, FUN, PROGRESSIVE and CHALLENGING program so that ladies and gentlemen can become lean and strong!

Learn Kettlebell and Bodyweight training properly for sustainable and long-term results. Get clear on Simple Nutrition Habits you can implement into your lifestyle without “dieting” for fat-loss.

🔥 …Here’s What’s Included… 🔥

1️⃣ Access to 3 Group Fitness Sessions per week – guided by personal trainers. Our sessions are 55min and are shown in studies to burn 9x more fat than regular gym workouts.

2️⃣ A SIMPLE nutrition program – that’s convenient & realistic. No crazy diets!

3️⃣ Social Support & Accountability from a personal coach and a Community group with like-minded women.

If this sounds right for you then click below for a quick application


At the Kettlebell Club, we have created a 6-week program designed to help teenagers get moving again safely and re-introduce physical activity into their lives.
NOW is the time to reinforce healthy habits that will support them for a lifetime!
Our approach to fitness is to offer a fun environment while teaching the foundation of bodyweight and kettlebell exercises.
Guaranteed to improve overall strength, athleticism and confidence! 💪
Here’s what’s included…
✅ 3 x Small Group Sessions with a Strength Coach 🌞 🌳
✅ Adaptable Nutrition Program to help teens stay on track 🍎

✅ A Community of teenagers between ages 13-17 ready to discover and own their strength! 💪


Can’t make it to the gym? No problem! 

All our classes are simultaneously given both in-person and online.

Never miss a workout, even when you are on vacation!


We hate diets! The dieting mentality is one we strive to break every day with our Rebels. Creating a healthy lifestyle does not come from restrictions. Dieting mentalities soon become lifestyles of deprivation.

Through Precision Nutrition’s Habit Based Approach we teach Rebels to eat foods they love, reconnect to their body and change their relationship with food. This is how to eat for long term success not short term weight loss.

In addition we also offer personalized nutrition consultations and plans for those who are ready to take it to the next level.