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A one of a kind fitness system, developed by Canada’s top expert kettlebell instructors. 


Below are some of the incredible results from our signature 12 Week Mind-Body Transformation Program! Click here to learn more.


As fitness professionals we saw a tremendous need in the market for a program and approach targeted toward men and women over 40.
If you have been generally sedentary and working a desk job for many years or have had an interruption in your fitness journey chances are your posture and movement capacity needs to be restored FIRST before doing more intense forms of exercise.

We are movement specialists and teach you the fundamentals FIRST which include proper breathing, functional movement patterns, and how to use full body tension to increase your strength.
There should be a purpose to what your trainer makes you do and we are not in the business of having people do nonsensical exercise just for the sake of sweating!

Our programs


12-Week Transformation Program

Reconnect to you!
Reconnect to your body!
Reconnect to your goals and dreams!

Not only will you LEARN about how you should exercise and eat at this stage of life, you will also start a journey of self awareness & personal development!

Kettlebell Level Program

If you’re new to kettlebells, we recommend first learning proper form and movement.
For those already comfortable with the demands of kettlebell workouts, we offer advanced classes as well as conditioning classes.


Habit-Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Diets DON’T work!
This has been shown to be true time and time again.
You don’t need to cut out any food group in order to lose weight unless of course you have an intolerance.
What you need is too take a good look at your habits!


“On August 28th 2017 I made a commitment to myself. I acted on impulse. Unbeknownst to me at the time this would be my first step towards mindfulness.

I had been feeling sluggish for way too long and at the end of my rope with the strain of constant travel and a demanding career.

I managed to shed 18 pounds on this journey and I have kept it off! A true testament to the quality of these teachings. I have also hired an executive coach since to review my current working habits and the future ahead.

This program taught me to prioritize myself. I was losing my way, it happens slowly and before you know it you can no longer read the signs.  Tania fitted me with the proper “eyewear” and I am forever grateful to her.

The workouts I learned in the studio were also travel friendly, except for the kettlebells of course. That being said, I did purchase Kettlebells to keep at home and I squeeze in swings whenever possible. By the way, ACDC and kettlebell swings will heal all that ails you!

I participated in two workshops which were very helpful with perfecting the swing and being mindful of maintaining flexibility and strength as I progress through my 50’s.

I can’t say enough about Tania, she is an exceptional person. She truly works from her heart.

I am especially grateful to her for her mantra: It is not about perfection it is about progress.

You must give it a go. Trust me, it will awaken you.”


About Us

We are not like the regular “gym”. At the Kettlebell Club we do things very differently. We provide middle aged men and women that are looking for a different “gym” experience with a personal approach to achieving their objective.

At the Kettlebell Club you are not just a number. We form a partnership and provide support that will allow you success in your fitness and health journey. We meet you where you are by providing the steps and guidance needed for you to achieve results and attain your goals. Never feel overwhelmed and always train for success. Everything is achievable with the help and support of your coaches.

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