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A one of a kind fitness system, developed by Canada’s top expert kettlebell instructors. 




As fitness professionals we saw a tremendous need in the market for a program and approach targeted toward men and women over 40.

Many mid-lifers are dealing with poor posture, chronic nagging pain, loss of mobility/flexibility and strength due to sitting or standing (at their job), lack of movement and generally not taking care of their fitness.

Movement capacity needs to be restored FIRST before doing more intense forms of exercise.

We are movement specialists and teach the IMPORTANCE of the fundamentals FIRST which include proper breathing, functional movement patterns, and how to use full body tension to increase strength.

We are sticklers for quality movement/form. Everything we do has a purpose. There should be a purpose to what your trainer makes you do and we are not in the business of having people do nonsensical exercise just for the sake of “burning calories”.

Our programs


12-Week Transformation Program

Reconnect to you!
Reconnect to your body!
Reconnect to your goals and dreams!

Not only will you LEARN about how you should exercise and eat at this stage of life, you will also start a journey of self awareness & personal development!

Kettlebell Level Program

If you’re new to kettlebells, we recommend first learning proper form and movement.
For those already comfortable with the demands of kettlebell workouts, we offer advanced classes as well as conditioning classes.


Habit-Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Program

Diets DON’T work!
This has been shown to be true time and time again.
You don’t need to cut out any food group in order to lose weight unless of course you have an intolerance.
What you need is too take a good look at your habits!

About Us

We are not like the regular “gym”. At the Kettlebell Club we do things very differently. We provide middle aged men and women that are looking for a different “gym” experience with a personal approach to achieving their objective.

At the Kettlebell Club you are not just a number. We form a partnership and provide support that will allow you success in your fitness and health journey. We meet you where you are by providing the steps and guidance needed for you to achieve results and attain your goals. Never feel overwhelmed and always train for success. Everything is achievable with the help and support of your coaches.

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Your FREE discovery session allows you to meet with the head coaches at the Kettlebell Club for a one-hour session that includes a movement and nutrition assessment and mini workout to show you our approach through real time experience. We will then discuss your goals and answer ALL your questions. There is nothing to lose! Its a great opportunity! Don’t wait, just fill out the form below and we will call you to book your session. Getting “fit” or in better health doesn’t have to be complicated or a drag. We make it simple, fun and sustainable.