Founder and Head Coach, “Kettlebeast”

Louka is a movement specialist and has been at the forefront of the kettlebell revolution for close to a decade. He is a StrongFirst Team Leader and teaches StrongFirst Kettlebell user courses across Canada. He has traveled extensively in order to learn from the top Kettlebell instructors in the world.

Qualifications: SFG2, SFL, SFB, FMSC2, CES, GFM2, CPT
Flexible Steel National Instructor
GroundForce Method National Instructor
Adaptive BodyWork Certified Practitioner Level II

Coffee or Naps: BOTH! at the same time!

Mathieu is a martial arts practitioner and coach with extensive experience with people of all ages and fitness levels, including professional athletes. His specialties include, strength & conditioning, functional movements base trainings and high intensity workouts.

Qualifications: CPT, Shotokan Karate Black Belt, Capoeira Graduado Level 3

Accomplishments: Quarter finals at the World Capoeira Championships in Rio de Janeiro Brazil in 2015 & 2019 / Represented the Quebec Shotokan Karate team in national competitions / Coached karate athletes to the podium at international competitions since 2002

Coffee or Naps: coffee 100%! Without coffee you can’t speak to me lol


Senior Coach, “Fantasmao”



Client Care Manager & Coach in the Making


Susan (Sue) is our “Energizer Bunny”. Nicknamed so by her coworkers when working in the corporate world. She is always full of life and brings energy to the kettlebell studio! Sue has always enjoyed being active, and is always taking up an extracurricular, whether artistic or sporty. Now in her 50’s, she has been “kettlebelling” for the past 3 years and has started her Strong First coaching journey with a SFG certification for November 2021 in Toronto. Sue is always on the go and believes that it is important to work your mind and body, mental health, physical health and balance.

Coffee or Naps: Hands down – Coffee! Napping just did not happen coming from a large family, there was always something going on!

Pedro is a lifelong martial arts practitioner, having learned and coached alongside some of the finest instructors in Brazil and Canada in a variety of striking disciplines. Over the years he has gathered experience in coaching movement, technical refinement and functional strength and conditioning to students of all age groups and skill levels. Pedro is also a StrongFirst certified kettlebell coach and aficionado.

Qualifications: CPT, SFG1, Daruma Taishi Association Kickboxing and Kung Fu Instructor, Advanced Kyokushin Karate Practitioner, Muay Thai Advanced Practitioner.

Coffee or Naps: Yerba mate, all day!





Administration & Coach


Maria believes in training the mind, body and the soul as a whole for long lasting overall optimal health. With 5 years years of experience in training with kettlebells, he is always learning and seeking new challenges. Maria loves to connect with people and can easily adapt to the needs and behaviors of her clients.

Qualifications: CPT, CCES, GFM, FMS, Flexible Steel Instructor, Institute IP Certified, NLP Certified

Accomplishment: 2015 IDFA Fitness Competition 1st place Short Fitness Model 

Coffee or Naps: Naps don’t exist when you’re a new mom, so a really big delicious and savory cup of coffee (make that 2) really hits the spot and allows me to survive motherhood.

Emilie is always ready to learn! Currently a university student, she directly applies her schooling in her work, working as a part of sales, social media and general inventory of Kettlebell Club. She is versatile and has a broad range of knowledge in multiple subjects. Although her passions lie in history, books and reading, she has taken recreational classes in nutrition and mental health. She believes nutrition is a fundamental base for being happier and healthier. Emily is an important member to our team.

Coffee or Naps : Neither! Hot chocolate please.


Social Media Coordinator & Keeps Things Tidy