ARE YOU READY TO LEARN HOW TO USE AN ANCIENT TOOL OF TRAINING? The Mace is a unique, unconventional training tool designed to improve your grip and core strength. This is especially relevant for athletes who require good grip and core strength. It also makes the training sessions a whole lot more interesting and fun as opposed to conventional training tools.


What You Will Learn

  • Learn how to properly use this amazing tool of training while minimizing possibilities of injury – swing it out of the park!

  • Learn the traditional techniques of Mace swinging and use them in Mace competitions worldwide!

  • Certify as an Instructor! Learn how to educate others on mace swinging all the while looking awesome swinging the mace into the sunset!

Ottawa – December 14th. 9am-4pm
Price: 399usd



Finally In Canada!

Our presentation of Canada’s first ever Mace training certification will inform, educate, and inspire with the history of the Mace, as both a weapon and a training tool. Safety and proper use of grip in both two hand, and one hand moves. Warm-ups and stretches to promote stronger tendons and life long training.
Some, but not all, of the moves covered:

  • The hand to hand toss
  • The Grave digger
  • The Barbarian squat
  • The giant Punch
  • The Ballistic Curl
  • The Leverage Press
  • The Russian Twist

The most important moves, and the most time spent will cover the 10 to 2, and the 360°.
These will be taught and stressed for safety, and with a performance TESTING standard that will be based on people’s bodyweight. Students must show ability in the drills and do 100 reps in the 10 to 2 movement.
The 360° move will be taught for both one, and two hand versions. Workout design and sport specific routines will be presented.
The students who attend will be introduced to the Mace and will leave with a thorough knowledge of how to use and instruct others with this incredible strength building tool.

Ottawa – December 14th. 9am-4pm
Price: 399usd




Here is what some of our students had to say:

“Rik does a really good job of taking everyone, no matter what background, through the basics to the point of doing 360s and 10 to 2s like a champ. I’d recommend anyone going when you can. It’s a must course!”
— Bill Sorenson

“Highest caliber trainer and Mace training coach I’ve worked with. Absolutely positive experience receiving training and coaching with Rik is exceptional with safety and a standard in protocol for progression this is the way to learn from Rik all about the Mace!”
— Valerie Pawlowski

Ottawa – December 14th. 9am-9am-4pm
Price: 399usd



Contact And Location

Who can you contact if you have questions?

You can call us at (514) 942-0467 or email us at

Where will the workshop be?

Human v2.0 – 2202 Thurston Dr – Ottawa ON