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“It’s been 3 months today and I have lost 21lbs, I am eating right, I always listen and connect to my body now. I eat when I’m hungry not when I just feel like eating or when I’m bored. I feel great, and full of energy. Thank you Tania. You are awesome!!” SABIA R., Pierrefonds

12-week Mind-Body Transformation


A program for women over 40 that isn’t just about diets and exercise and bikini bodies! Because truthfully, its never just about the food or the sweat. The reason we don’t reach our goals and stay consistent is because we don’t understand ourselves and our internal drivers. We need to change our relationship with our bodies, food, and exercise. But how?

This program teaches you how to reprogram the mindset that keeps you stuck. Its about acceptance, self-care, and having the courage to look in the mirror and recognize that putting yourself last needs to stop for good!

Start on a journey that will empower you far beyond 12 weeks!

“I cannot recommend this place enough, wonderful training environment where you will achieve results fast. Louka has a great heart and he attracts kind and friendly people. Classes are fun yet intense, and there is so much variety you’ll always learn something new. Louka incorporates various mobility exercises in his classes, so you’ll get more flexible while getting stronger. Also, the training is very safe, we never train to failure / injury. Today I’m in the best shape of my life!” FELIX L, Ile des Soeurs

Ted Papadakis, 47 – Dollard des Ormeaux

Kettlebell Level Program


Looking for an effective way to train without all the hoopla and need for a bunch of equipment?

Enter the Kettlebell!

We are experts when it comes to kettlebell training. In fact, we teach other coaches how to properly train with kettlebells. Learn and progress through each level of mastery as you gain strength, endurance, mobility and flexibility all while building muscle and burning fat!

The system includes mastery of body-weight exercises and fun activities such as crawling and Ground Force Method (animal flow).



Victor C., – Pierrefonds

Other Services we offer

Workshops & Special Classes

We constantly organize workshops and special courses and also invite industry professionals for specialized seminars.
– Kettlebell User Courses (basic & advanced)
– Flexible Steel Workshop (mobility & flexibility)
– Ground Force Method Workshop (animal flow)
–  Habit Based Nutrition & Lifestyle Design
– Meal Prep Made Simple
– Fermented Foods & Gut Health

Adaptive Bodywork

Adaptive Bodywork is an incredibly powerful and innovative tool in our training system that helps to resolve acute injuries with our students in a matter of minutes or at least set them up for success with recovery. The process through which we assess tissue function empowers you to safely explore the optimization of movement & performance and recall injury or imbalance to proper form.

Meal Prep service

For our students who don’t have time to meal prep, we offer fresh plant-based meals for pick up at the studio. Prepared by Coach Tania, who is a Precision Nutrition Certified Coach and a professionally trained chef with experience working in food establishments.

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Your FREE discovery session allows you to meet with the head coaches at the Kettlebell Club for a one-hour session that includes a movement and nutrition assessment and mini workout to show you our approach through real time experience. We will then discuss your goals and answer ALL your questions. There is nothing to lose! Its a great opportunity! Don’t wait, just fill out the form below and we will call you to book your session. Getting “fit” or in better health doesn’t have to be complicated or a drag. We make it simple, fun and sustainable.