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Our Story

The Kettlebell Club was created by two of Canada’s top expert kettlebell instructors Louka Kurcer & Tania Cristina who saw a need for proper strength training in Montreal for middle aged men & women. With over 15 years combined experience, working with various types of clients in their personal coaching practices, they noticed a common problem. Group exercise instructors aren’t teaching proper form, breathing and alignment. As a result hard working individuals looking to improve their strength and conditioning end up with knee problems, spinal misalignment, shoulder impingement and poor movement patterns.

We challenge our students to “practice” rather than “workout”. We are about the underlying principles, not just the tools.  An exercise or movement has greater value if it is done with quality and purpose. That is how we build and maintain the body.

At the Kettlebell Club, our main focus is you! We keep classes small, capping attendance at 10 people, so that we are able to provide more personal attention and instruction. We train and teach with a minimalist, yet highly effective, approach.


Meet the founders, the only certified expert kettlebell instructors in the Montreal area.


Louka Kurcer

Louka is a movement specialist and has been at the forefront of the kettlebell revolution for close to a decade. He started his fitness career in 2010 when he discovered the teachings of world renowed strength coach Pavel Tsatouline, and opened his first facility Hardstyle Kettlebell Montreal in 2015 in Dollard des Ormeaux, Quebec. He is considered an expert in the practice of “hardstyle” kettlebell, flexibility, and bodyweight strength training within the fitness community. He teaches other trainers the power of the kettlebell and has helped mold many of his devoted students. He currently teaches StrongFirst Kettlebell user courses, as well as Flexible Steel certifications across Canada.

Louka is a certified personal trainer and a StrongFirst Team Leader with the following qualifications:
Functional Movement Specialist Level II (FMSC2)
ISSA Corrective Exercise Specialist
StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor (SFG2)
StrongFirst Bodyweight Instructor (SFB)
StrongFirst Lifter Instructor (SFL)
Flexible Steel Instructor Specialist
GroundForce Method National Instructor
Adaptive BodyWork Certified Practitioner Level II

His favorite things include : Painting & drawing, motorcycles, all the food!

Tania Cristina Caprara

Tania is proud to call herself the only female StrongFirst Certified Level II Kettlebell Instructor in Quebec. Tania is the creator of the signature 12 Week Mind-Body Transformation. Her mission is to educate and empower women to take massive action, gain control of their mind & body, & lead an inspired life. Tania has an equal love for both aesthetics and strength and has competed in physique and powerlifting competitions. She is also a professionally trained chef with experience and teaches how to eat and cook nutritious tasty meals.

Tania holds the following qualifications:
Precision Nutrition Certified Coach
StrongFirst Level II Kettlebell Instructor (SFG2)
Flexible Steel Instructor
GroundForce Level I (GFM)
Adaptive BodyWork Certified Practitioner Level I
Eliminate Your Limits Certified MIndset Coach

Her favorite things include : Black cats, rockabilly & vintage anything, the beach, chicken cutlet sandwiches from Deli La Trattoria!

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