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Tracy Reifkind, 55, AKA The Queen of the Kettlebell Swing
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Unlimited Small-Group Training Sessions:
A non-intimidating environment where you’ll learn the skills required for fat-burning and strength-producing workouts that leave you feeling charged! Safety and proper technique is our number one concern…

Learn the Foundational Kettlebell & Bodyweight Exercises:
Master the basic movements with confidence and ease so that you can quickly progress and see measurable results in strength and body composition…

5:1 Member to Coach Ratio:
Learn in a private-studio setting from experienced, expert coaches. Training is specific and adjusted to each individual’s fitness level…

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Danielle and Michel Savard, both in their 50s!!
Hi, my name is Louka Kurcer, owner and head coach at the Kettlebell Club. We are a recognized authority in Russian Kettlebell Training in Canada and I want to tell  you about our new ‘Kettlebell Strong’ program that will change your life.

If you:
– are new to exercise
– have been sedentary for a long time
– want to improve your body composition
– need accountability to achieve your goals
– want to get stronger for your hobby/sport
– just had a child
– want to learn how to lift weights properly

Then you are going to find what I have to share with you very interesting…

Our program teaches ANYONE how to use Kettlebell & Body-weight training, safely and effectively, and the BEST part is…


Ted P., 47 professional and dad to 2 young boys.

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Our  members reveal how their life has been positively impacted through our programs.

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The Kettlebell Club, formerly known as Hardstyle Kettlebell Montreal, is a school of strength and movement with a focus on SIMPLICITY, SAFETY & PURPOSE.
Strength and movement training that is accessible to everyone!
Fitness that is fun, engaging & enjoyable for  life!

– train with minimal equipment, such as kettlebells & one’s own body-weight

– less is more when focusing on achieving results

– fitness that gets you ready for anything in the real world


– movements and exercises with low impact on your body

– emphasize how each movement is performed; quality over quantity

– detailed instructions on every exercises


– build a strong, resilient, energetic and flexible body

– train with meaning and a sense of accomplishment

– workouts that don’t punish you, but make you better for life outside the gym



Unlimited Small-Group Training Sessions

Unlimited one-hour small-group personal training sessions where you learn the exercises and movements that make up the kettlebell training system

Each session builds your foundation by focusing on technique, skill, and body awareness

Each training session has it’s own format. Some are purely focused on technique, while some have a combination of technical work and a novice-level workout to give you a taste of what’s to come


Expert Coaching and Detailed Instruction

5:1 student to coach ratio. 

Learn under the intense care and supervision of one of our experienced coaches.

You’ll get the proper attention you need to learn at your own pace, and you can ask questions to your coach to help with any technique or exercise.

It’s like having your own personal trainer without having to pay $100/hour…

*Bonus* Precision Nutrition’s Habit Based Nutrition Program

We’re NOT about to put you on a diet! 

We are Precision Nutrition Certified and believe that the only way to be successful at fat loss is to become aware to your habits and to start making small changes that will eventually result in big changes.

Diets and restriction doesn’t work long term, and we give you the tools and support through PN’s Pro Coach web based application that will encourage daily habit changes to help you reach your goals in a sustainable and enjoyable manner.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

The ‘Kettlebell Strong’ program will prepare you to train with confidence, control and a solid foundation…

We identify your own personal strengths and weaknesses, improve on the things that are holding you back and make sure you are moving well and progressively gaining strength…

You’ll learn how to lift safely and efficiently, with the focus on developing a strong technical base and sound fundamentals. Here are some of the basic skills you will learn:

  • Lifting Technique for Back-Safety
  •  Essential Stretches to Release Tightness  
  •  Core Drills to Improve Strength and Coordination
  •  Mobility Training to Reduce Stiffness and Achy Joint
  •  Proper Warm-up Routines to Avoid Injury
  •  The Most Effective Kettlebell and Bodyweight exercises to get RESULTS!

Our ‘Kettlebell Strong’ Program Makes It Simple For You to Stay Motivated and Achieve Your Health & Fitness Goals…


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Michele T., 71 years young!

Why The Kettlebell Club?


We’re not just another gym. We’re a FITNESS FAMILY!

Our students and coaches are what truly makes us unique!

Our coaches are always there to listen and help in any capacity … having a bad day? We care and support you through the thick and thin.

You’ll build a serious sense of camaraderie and make new friendships training with us!



They’ll build a functionally fit, strong and athletic body. You’ll pack on lean muscle, torch unwanted body fat and boost metabolism.

Additionally, we believe in the power of group training…

The dynamic of the group will push you to achieve more than you would simply working out on your own. and you’ll make awesome connections and friends!



You won’t find a better place than The Kettlebell Club to achieve your fitness goals in the Greater Montreal region…

With years of experience and continuous learning, our coaches are the top in Quebec in Hardstyle kettlebell technique. Certified through StrongFirst, the world’s leading authority on Russian kettlebell training.

Our coaches are also certified in Functional Movement Systems, Adaptive Bodywork, Ground Force Method, and Precision Nutrition.

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With the Guidance From Our Coaches and Support From Our Community…It’s Impossible to Fail!

Enroll in the 4-Week ‘Kettlebell Strong’ program and see amazing results in your body, confidence and attitude in as little as 30 days…

The best part about the 4-Week ‘Kettlebell Strong’ program is how affordable it is for you to test-drive our systematized training program and get individualized small-group coaching…

It’s like having your own personal trainer, but without having to pay $100/hour…

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How Can I Get A Hold of You If I Have a Question?
You can call us at (514) 942-0467 or email us at

What is the schedule for the 4-Week ‘kettlebell Strong’ training sessions?

Consult our class schedule in the link below

If I am out of shape can I still do the program?
Absolutely! This program is designed to get you started! We have modifications for every exercise and we can scale the workouts to your current fitness level.

Bottom Line – Why should I sign up?
Join this program if you ACTUALLY want to feel better, move better, learn lifting skills and techniques, get in shape and demand more from your physical self!

This program is designed to teach you the basics and fundamentals of kettlebell training. It is perfect for you if you’re wanting to burn fat, build muscle, get stronger, learn to lift weights, and make your workouts more fun and challenging!

You’ll also meet an awesome bunch of new friends!


Join the 4-Week ‘Kettlebell Strong’ Program NOW!
Only $177 – LIMITED SPOTS!

P.S. – Skipped the whole page?

Here’s the short version:

This promotion is for anyone who wants to start Kettlebell Training. You’ll learn all the fundamental exercises and movements in a small group with other beginners who are looking to get after their fitness goals in a serious way…

For a fraction of the cost of a personal trainer, you can snag 1 of 20 total spaces and make 2019 your best year yet!

If you don’t have your health & fitness, you don’t have anything…

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