12-weeks Transformation Program


Below are some of the incredible results from our signature 12 Week Mind-Body Transformation Program!


“I want to say Thank you to Tania, Louka and all the ladies who have been a part of my first 12 weeks… I started this program with a set goal…my sisters wedding! I wanted to look and feel better about myself in time for the wedding which was exactly 12 weeks from my start date, so I had good motivation and a deadline! AND I DID IT…but the best part is I found a family and support system that really works for me. I have loved my journey and don’t want it to end from the workouts to the mindset. This improved me is so much happier and healthier and so excited to become the best me…. Thank you All! – Melissa Thompson, 42

What is the 12 week Mind-Body Transformation

This is our signature program designed specifically for women in their 40s and beyond.

Coach Tania noticed that many fitness programs out there are not taking into account the very significant hormonal changes that take place in a woman’s body as she begins to shift into peri-menopause/menopause.  These changes can have a big impact on how easily a woman is able to lose fat and build/maintain muscle mass. The body becomes extremely sensitive to stressors and its imperative to exercise and eat in a way that will not put further undo stress on the body.

Women in this stage of life are out there juggling kids, careers, responsibilities including aging parents and add to that the shifting hormonal profile, lack of quality sleep, and sub par nutrition and you have a recipe for chronic elevated cortisol (the stress hormone).

Since you hit your 40’s or 50’s, looking and feeling your best has gotten a LOT more difficult, hasn’t it? Maybe you tried all the diets and exercise intensely and yet you don’t see much of a change and you feel like garbage most of the time! Or maybe you just don’t know what to do and you feel totally intimidated by it all and so you don’t do anything and you beat yourself up over it.


And this is why Coach Tania developed an all encompassing program where we EDUCATE women on their changing bodies and we approach diet & lifestyle changes through an easy sustainable habit based system that creates more awareness, more possibility and freedom.

This program will challenge you to start understanding yourself by exploring influences and perceptions that shape thoughts and behaviors that keep you from reaching your goals. Through a process of self awareness,  Tania teaches you to embrace the daily wins while showing you how to practice more self-care, value your worth and have a clear vision of what you want and who you are.  This program will empower you like nothing else and release you from the reasons you have been stuck.

You deserve to be confident in your body, in love with your life, and feel vitality every single day.

The truth is, achieving health/wellness can be easy and intuitive, instead of stressful or emotional. You CAN love your body, even if you never have before. Once you start to recognize this, and these transformations start to happen for you, other areas of your life will also start to shift. You’ll experience a natural alignment of your body and mind, and more fulfillment in your life.

Everything is connected, and changing anything about your life starts with focusing on how you feel about yourself.

We are here to help you completely transform your relationship with food, exercise, and the way you perceive yourself from a place of LOVE.

Natalie Magliocco 47 – Pierrefonds
Natalie came to us suffering from PCOS and lifetime of obesity. She was tired all the time and could not lose weight. We helped her make some changes to her nutrition and the weight finally started to come off! Today she feels strong and vibrant and loves training with kettlebells.

This program is for you if:


  • You are a woman in your 40’s or beyond and you’ve put on some weight and no matter how hard you try you can’t lose it.
  • You feel isolated and miserable and you’re not happy with how you feel or what you see in the mirror
  • You no longer have the energy you used to when you were younger. It’s hard to keep up with your responsibilities… let alone to enjoy the activities you once loved
  • You feel like you have lost yourself over the years and hunger to reconnect to who you truly are
  •  You are having trouble getting a good night’s sleep, and you feel anxious and stressed most of the time
  •  You eat mindlessly and feel completely disconnected from your body
  •  You have a cycle of starting and stopping and then you beat yourself up over it
  • You’ve been focusing on everyone else except you and you know its now your turn
  •  You don’t want to spend hours in the gym, you’re intimidated and don’t know where to start
  • Your mobility and flexibility have all but disappeared and you wish you could turn back the clock and enjoy the vibrant health you had a few years ago.
  •  You believe that your energy and curves are gone for good
  •  You are open to education and you are coachable
  •  You are mentally exhausted and are not looking for another quick fix (they don’t exist!)

As we enter our 40’s and 50’s — we’re typically taught to expect weight gain… loss of muscle tone… decreased energy… and more. We are told its just a part of aging and that there’s nothing we can do about it… right?


Thinking that you have to “settle” for being overweight and tired is just Flat-Out WRONG!

This program will teach you how to change those perceptions and effectively work with your changing body and empower you mentally to finally achieve results and maintain them!


“Obese while being very sporty, I was undermining my life. A lot of joint pain and little appreciation for myself.

Following my meeting with Tania and Louka, I chose to join the 12 Week Mind-Body Transformation.

The instructions, advice and availability of coach Tania, as well as the documents provided have been very useful and allow me to return to the source of Precision Nutrition.

The Mindset aspect has been and is still arduous, but it is in my opinion the most beneficial and the key to the incredible results I see every day.

In my 40s, although having practically attended all classes / personal development therapies, the results were not there. I did not have the openness to assimilate and raise awareness of the good that could have brought me.

Today I choose to commit 100% with an open mind and receptive to this new vision. For 12 weeks I did all the exercises, sharing my fears, my joys, my sorrows with the members. I dared, I trusted, I chose myself, I looked at myself, really looked at in all transparency and integrity to myself and I do not regret it.

Mindset is the pillar, the foundation, of all this program. Here’s what I hold: Responsibility – I am solely responsible for my life and only I have the power to change it. In action, transparency and integrity, the results will be lasting, with confidence and serenity.

What a wonderful gift I gave myself by joining this program.
Self love”



“On August 28th 2017 I made a commitment to myself. I acted on impulse. Unbeknownst to me at the time this would be my first step towards mindfulness.

I had been feeling sluggish for way too long and at the end of my rope with the strain of constant travel and a demanding career.

I managed to shed 18 pounds on this journey and I have kept it off! A true testament to the quality of these teachings. I have also hired an executive coach since to review my current working habits and the future ahead.

This program taught me to prioritize myself. I was losing my way, it happens slowly and before you know it you can no longer read the signs. Tania fitted me with the proper “eyewear” and I am forever grateful to her.

The workouts I learned in the studio were also travel friendly, except for the kettlebells of course. That being said, I did purchase Kettlebells to keep at home and I squeeze in swings whenever possible. By the way, ACDC and kettlebell swings will heal all that ails you!

I participated in two workshops which were very helpful with perfecting the swing and being mindful of maintaining flexibility and strength as I progress through my 50’s.

I can’t say enough about Tania, she is an exceptional person. She truly works from her heart.

I am especially grateful to her for her mantra: It is not about perfection it is about progress.

You must give it a go. Trust me, it will awaken you.”

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